Our Story

IMPROVING PEOPLES LIVES. That is what we do. 

Mark Twain wrote, "The two most important days in your life are the day you are born and the day you find out why." I couldn't agree more.

We see ourselves as helpers, real estate helpers.

Real estate agents get paid very well, sometimes too well. The type that are only in it for the money stand out glaringly. They're pushy, rude and only in it for what they can get out of 'the deal' for themselves.

Don't get me wrong, like most people, I got into real estate for the money. But that's not why I stayed.

I first became involved with real estate in the late 1990's. I was first attracted to it as a career by a big salary and the potential to double it if I did well enough. But there was something more to it. The company I chose to work with had a training program that promoted 'Ethics in Real Estate'. Something just felt right.

Several years after I'd successfully established myself in real estate and won some performance and client care awards came a moment of enlightenment. I always knew I enjoyed real estate as a career, and I knew I was okay at it, but I was so busy living it that I didn't realise why it worked for me.

Dad ran his own manufacturing business til age 85. At that point I had the amazing opportunity to run the family business. I stepped into an entirely different industry and learned why I love real estate so much.

In real estate, I was used to helping people who appreciated it. Clients would send me Christmas cards and thank you gifts. In Dads business to business manufacturing industry not only would his competitors knife him in the back but some of his clients would have too, if they could. It was heartless and cold.

I love helping people and improving their lives.

The appreciation and sincere thanks you get in return is worth its wait in gold. Buyers love you for helping them find the right house. Sellers love you for helping them get the best price for their home and successfully navigate the way to their next home.

Real estate is full of warmth and love.

When I realised that I loved improving people's lives my life changed too. My cousin John gave me some great advice once. "Find out who you are and revel in it." I realised that the more people's lives I can improve the better life gets.

I began studying business and leadership. In 2012 it came time to build a team who cared about people as much as I did so we could help even more people. I have never been so pleased.

To be surrounded by a team that want to learn and grow so they can help people in real estate through better marketing skills, better negotiation skills and be able to  improve their clients lives by making it an easy process for them is an absolute joy.

Having now earned the trusted Jenman APPROVED accreditation we continue to put our clients interests first as part of an alliance of over 50 independent offices throughout Australia.