Our Business Model

Our aim is to improve people's lives through real estate. To do this we had to find a different structure to the rest of the industry. You see when we first started the sales business we looked at opening a rental business too but all the examples we could find had unhappy clients who were leaving them. Burn and churn is just not our style and their only answer was to find more clients, so we held off. We had to find a better business model that addressed the cause of the industry problems. If we could identify the main issues then we knew we could resolve them.

After doing quite a bit of research it turns out that Landlords leave their Agents over either;

  • Communication issues, or
  • Constant changeover of property managers.

We had a choice, either we could say we're different or we could delve deeper to the underlying root of the problems, fix them and actually be different.

Rental management is a volume based business. The business needs each manager looking after a certain number of properties to be profitable. So typical agents pay base wages and then load managers with as many properties as possible to increase profits. We call this the Camel System. The outcome is burnout for the managers when the camels back breaks. Along the way they end up doing half of what should be done and within a year or two either leave the industry or change agencies hoping the grass is greener.

HART's has created an entirely new business model, one that puts the clients first. We found that most owners want property managers that look after the properties well and stay for a long time. And they want exceptional client care so they don't have to keep changing agencies. We've also found that most investors sell their properties at some stage and find it easier to use the same company if they've already been looked after.

At HART's you will have two points of contact, your Property Manager for day to day things and a Client Care Manager for the bigger picture communication.

Client Care Managers provide accountability because part of their role is sales based. You see in sales our reward is very long term. We want to see you so happy with rentals now, that when you sell you choose us automatically.

Typical property managers always focus on the quick fix to solve the immediate issue in the short term but at HART's our managers know that there is a very long term view from the Client Care Team so the standards are instantly raised.

To help reward Property Managers for excellent work and retain them we use a unique profit share program instead of the typical camel system.

Profit share with Property Managers means they take ownership and have a reason to do well and look after the properties and their owners. They get to have a say in how many properties they can handle while still providing 'A' class service. It also means they are some of the best-rewarded managers around.

  • Client Care Manager
  • Profit Share

So internally our success revolves around accountability and partnership. This, mixed with our promise of a better net return meaning more money in your pocket, has worked incredibly well to improve people's lives through real estate.

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