Local Solicitors And Conveyancers

We have had positive client feedback on all the following solicitors and conveyancers.

Robbins Watson (Burleigh) - 07 5576 9999

Heather Smith (TED Legal Robina) - 0420 275 473

Paramount Legal (Robina) - 07 5578 8888

Lyn Harris (Browns Lawyers Burleigh) - 07 5535 1822

Cindy Holden (Redbox Conveyancing) - 0417 268 528

We do not have any affiliation with, nor do we receive any rewards from, these professionals.

Our reputation relies on creating good experiences and selling good quality homes.

Do I Need A Solicitor?

Like all trades, there are good lawyers and conveyancers and some not so good ones. Whether you are buying or selling, having the right legal advice can be crucial to ultimately securing your dream home. Whether buying or selling, reaching an unconditional contractual agreement is the ultimate aim. A good real estate lawyer will ensure that you migrate seamlessly from your initial offer to unconditional contract without incident.

Many people scrutinise multiple real estate firms when selling, yet simply go searching for the nearest or cheapest legal advice for the same transaction. This haphazard approach can sometimes turn the process of conveyancing into a world of drama and it usually occurs at the most crucial time of the transaction.

There are two errors people can fall into when appointing someone to do their conveyancing.

The first is that they don't know what to expect from a lawyer, so they look online until they find the cheapest one. Petrol and milk are products that should be purchased on the basis of price. Lawyers handling the transaction of your most valuable asset should be engaged on the basis of competence first and price second.

Buying real estate is a long way from a corporate takeover, so you don't need to pay excessive amounts for a high powered lawyer to guide you through the nuances of the Conveyancing Act. A lawyer with experience and a track record of success in conveyancing, at a fair price, will ensure that your legal position is protected.

The second error many people fall into when hiring a lawyer is that they hire a lawyer who does not really want the job. The lawyer takes the brief out of loyalty to the client, even though they specialise in other areas of law.

As an example, a good corporate lawyer does not necessarily make a good real estate lawyer and vice versa. Yet if a client feels loyalty towards a solicitor who has helped them in the past, that solicitor may feel obligated to take the job on in return - even though they don't really want it. In extreme cases, the file is passed off to a paralegal or junior in the office and given little consideration by the lawyer who was engaged by the loyal client.

Conveyancing is generally a straightforward process for a lawyer. But about 1 in 20 transactions require the involvement of an attentive competent lawyer, when complications arise. Murphy's Law suggests that the transaction which has been delegated down the pecking order by the lawyer, is the one that will require the skill-set from the lawyer.

If your preferred lawyer does not do real estate work on a daily basis, it is a good idea to ask them straight out if they really want to do the job? Then, ask if they will be handling the matter personally?

Candor like this ensures that everyone will be on the same page and that you won't be left floundering during negotiations.

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